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"I was referred to Dave at Southdowns Physio with sciatica and shoulder pain following a car accident. Having never needed Physio before I was slightly sceptical and thought it to be an expensive fad for the rich and sporty. I couldn't be more wrong! After 5 sessions my sciatica had disappeared, I was also given some exercises and now know what to do to help prevent the problems returning. Dave is professional, experienced and knowledgable, he took me through every part of the process so I felt relaxed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend!"


"After years and years of visiting every imaginable pain relief clinics after a serious riding accident, I found Dave at Newhaven Pain Clinic and he is the only one who has found what is causing my spinal problem. I followed him to Seaford to his own clinic and he keeps my problems in check on a regular basis . It isn't going to heal as its been 50 years of damage,but my quality of life is 90% better."


"After several treatments with you in charge of my necessary physio-programme after my right full hip replacement on 22.11.2017, I feel the need to thank you in writing for your top-notch care, not only in respect of your superb professional capacity.

As we all know, body and mind are intertwined and therefore relate to each other. You know perfectly how to address and utilise both to the maximum benefit for your patients (me). Your patience, sensitivity and tact as well as your excellent communication skills and ability to be encouraging, empathetic and yet firm are all very much appreciated and essential tools for an effective treatment that meets both holistic and individual human needs perfectly – every time I see you and your excellent team. A big thank you – your name was recommended by my private health insurance provider."

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