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Updated: 12th January 2022



Who are we?

Southdowns Physiotherapy is a private limited company which offers Physiotherapy services to patients attending on a self-pay, NHS funded, and Insurance funded basis. All Physiotherapists working for us are fully accredited and HCPC registered.

What information will we hold for patients attending?

When a patient is referred to us via their GP we will typically receive a summary of their personal information including name, address, date of birth, and contact details. The referral will also include details of a patient’s relevant past medical history, medications, and reason for referral.

Patients who are self-funding or sent via an Insurance company will generally be asked to verbally provide their personal details which will be logged onto our database.

A patient may attend once or multiple times. At each visit the Physiotherapist will document the record of each attendance via an online cloud-based notes software.

Verbal conversations with admin or clinical staff over the telephone will also be documented.

Why do we hold this information for each patient?

For legal and professional registration reasons the Physiotherapists are required to keep extensive documented notes for each time the patient attends. This information is also crucial for when a patient re-attends so the Physio is able to reference back to previous information and markers.

Personal information is needed to be stored in order to identify each patient, for correspondence purposes with the patient, for correspondence with other health care providers, and for billing and invoice purposes.

Will this information be shared with other organisations?

Patient information can be shared with other organisations in any of the following cases:

  1. If a Physiotherapist deems it necessary to contact a patient’s GP

  2. If a Physiotherapist needs to refer a patient on to another healthcare provider (verbal consent will always be gained prior to this happening)

  3. At the point of discharge a care plan/ discharge summary will be sent to the patients GP with a copy sent to the MSK Partnership. (a patient can request this is not sent at anytime, or during their final session when they are handed their own physical copy of the care plan).

  4. EQ5D5L data (the questionnaire completed at first and last visit) will be forwarded to MSK Partnership. This is for the purpose of analysing outcomes of treatment. (this is completed at the patients discretion and is not mandatory)

Every patient holds the right to withdraw consent or lodge a complaint with a regulatory authority (Health and Care Professions Council, Information Commissioner’s Office)

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