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Physiotherapy Bike-Fit Service


Being comfortable on your bike is essential because any time you’re in pain, not only will your performance be affected but so will your enjoyment! Southdowns Physiotherapy is now offering a 2-Hour PHYSIO BIKE-FIT session from our clinic in Seaford Town Centre for only £99. A proper bike fit will help prevent pain that is common in the Knee, Hip, Neck and Lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they have already purchased.


bikefit1Whether you are a competitive cyclist, weekend bike rider, or a commuter, a professional Physio Bike-Fit is essential to help:

-          Improve Performance

-          Prevent/Treat Injuries


Why use a Physiotherapist to fit your bike?

From an injury treatment or injury prevention point of view the difficulty lies in assessing whether it is the set-up of the bike that is incorrect, or whether it is in fact a musculoskeletal problem that needs addressing. If a Bike-Fit only addresses the set-up of the bike then problems such as spinal stiffness/muscular weakness/tightness etc. (which could be the route cause of the problem) will be ignored. Our Physiotherapists are skilled in assessing both to tailor the necessary input accordingly.


What does the Physio Bike-Fitting process involve?

First of all we take a thorough history that takes into account your level of cycling, injury history, and goals.

Next the Physiotherapist will examine you from a musculoskeletal perspective, examining factors such as flexibility, core strength, skeletal alignment and foot position. If appropriate, treatment and/or exercise prescription for any discrepancies will be administered.

After this we will attach your bike to our Turbo trainer and perform video analysis as you ride to ascertain which adjustments are needed. Once adjustments are made further video analysis is undertaken to see if biomechanical improvements have been made.


Reasons why a Physio Bike fit makes financial sense:

bike fit 2

    1) It’s costs the fraction the price of a new bike

    2) It’s cheaper than a possible course of treatment that could occur if the problems weren’t addressed

    3) If the bike set-up is incorrect then the injury is unlikely to improve


To book a Physio Bike Fit, purchase a voucher, or for more information please call us at Southdowns Physiotherapy on 01323 894354 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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